Day passes

Off-Peak Pass


Your Key to a Quieter Climbing Experience

We’ve added new off-peak passes to our selection, specifically designed for those who prefer a quieter climbing experience while still enjoying the support of our helpful staff. Off-peak passes are perfect for individuals with flexible schedules who enjoy a more serene ambiance.

Off-Peak time: Before 4:30pm

Peak Pass


Bouldering with a Buzz

Peak times at our bouldering gym are buzzing with excitement and camaraderie. Climbers of all levels gather to test their skills, push their limits, and most importantly, have fun. If you’re looking for an energetic atmosphere and the chance to make new climbing friends, peak hours are the ideal time to visit.

Peak time: After 4:30pm

Children’s Day Pass


Embrace the Climbing Adventure with Your Little Ones

Ready to embark on an active and exciting adventure with your children? Look no further than our bouldering gym, where kids of all ages can discover the thrill of climbing while developing essential skills and having a blast.

Please see children safety guidelines for more information*

Children must be accompanied by a guardian.


1 Month Off-Peak Membership


Your Ticket to Tranquil Climbing Adventures

If you’re seeking a flexible and cost-effective membership option, our 1-month membership is your perfect choice. This membership provides you with unlimited access to our bouldering walls and facilities during off-peak hours, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of climbing while avoiding the hustle and bustle of peak periods.

Off-Peak time: Before 4:30pm

1 Month Peak Memebership


Join the Climbing Community

Embrace the electrifying energy of our bouldering gym by getting a One-Month Peak Climbing Membership. Dive into the fun, supportive, and motivating environment while conquering challenging routes. This membership is perfect for those who thrive in lively atmospheres and want to experience the joy of climbing with others.

Free lessons included*

Peak time: After 4:30pm

Children’s monthly membership


Nurture Their Climbing Prowess with a Monthly Membership

Enroll your child in our Monthly Membership and watch them flourish as they navigate the exciting world of climbing. With regular practice, twice-weekly free lessons, and our unwavering support, they’ll develop essential skills, cultivate a love for physical activity, and create lasting memories.

Free lessons included*

Class times TBA

Other memeberships

3 – 12 Months

Elevate Your Climbing Experience with Extended Memberships

Embark on an extended climbing adventure with Hanoi Climbing Hub’s versatile selection of monthly memberships, designed to enhance your climbing skills and elevate your overall experience.

Unlock Bigger Savings with Longer Commitments:

  • 3-Month Membership: Enjoy a 15% discount and savour the freedom to explore the climbing world for a longer duration.

  • 6-Month Membership: Immerse yourself in the thrill of climbing and receive a remarkable 19% discount, making your bouldering sessions even more rewarding.

  • 12-Month Membership: Embrace the ultimate climbing experience and unlock a colossal 24% discount, ensuring year-round access to our facilities and opportunities to refine your skills.

Free lessons included in all monthly memberships*

Day Pass Bundles

12 Day Pass


Embark on a Flexible Climbing Adventure

At Hanoi Climbing Hub, we understand that flexibility is key to an enjoyable climbing experience. Our 12-pass bundle provides the perfect solution, allowing you to embrace the thrill of bouldering on your own terms. With savings, bonus passes, and the freedom to climb at your convenience, you’ll discover a world of climbing adventures at your fingertips.

Free lessons included*

Children’s 12 Day Pass


Embrace Flexibility and Family Fun

With our 12-day pass, you can enjoy the flexibility of visiting our bouldering gym at your own leisure. Whether you prefer weekday adventures or weekend bonding sessions, you have the freedom to choose. This makes it easy to incorporate climbing into your family routine, even with hectic schedules.

Free children lessons included*

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