Everything you need to know to get you on the wall.

Our pricing list

Off peak

day pass

  • Anytime before 4:30pm
  • Best price
  • Ideal for a quieter more relaxing climb

day pass

  • 4:30pm onwards
  • Great for meeting the community
  • Extra support from other climbers
  • Free introduction lesson when booking in advance
Memberships and children’s rates

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  • Memberships
  • Mixed group classes
  • Female classes
  • Children’s classes
  • Private classes

Train with the best

We offer free classes with monthly memberships and with our day passes completely free. Our goal is to build a strong community.

Mixed Group Lessons

Come and join our mixed lessons for beginners. Meet other climbers and learn from one and other while being coached by an experienced instructor. Two classes per week.

Female lessons

Join our female only lessons for beginners. Learn more technical climbing which relies more on climbing skill instead of brute strength. Meet other climbers and become stronger together while being coached by an experienced instructor. Two classes per week. 

Children’s lessons

Climbing can help children learn in many different ways, from hand-eye co-ordination to problem solving as well as helping them exercise their bodies. Our instructors have years of experience with teaching children and can provide a safe and educational environment for them to climb in. Classes are held by two instructors and offers English and Vietnamese. 


We are still working on the location and will update as soon as possible. 


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